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Apr 26, 2022

What we have always feared has finally happened. It has something to do with our oldest son and it all going to be different now but first, we want to tell you about our experience at the new The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. 

Mike is pissed! 

Jan 7, 2022

We spent our 2021 Christmas in Puerto Morelos and Cancun, Mexico. 

We got so many questions from you guys about where to stay, what is there to do, and most importantly, how safe is it. We tell you exactly what to do in order to minimize your risk for violence and covid. 

For any questions, please DM us on:

Sep 13, 2021

New Travel Covid Restrictions for Europe and what to know before you go.

1. Check

to check the latest restrictions in the country you want to visit. 

2: Get Travel insurance: Shop around! We have used:

3. Meet our special guest for...

Aug 23, 2021

So we finally traveled to Portugal, Greece, and Turkey during the rise of the Covid-19 Delta Variant. A few obstacles popped up, and we will tell you how we dealt with them.  Were we nervous? Did we throw caution to the wind? Did we wear masks? How was it getting tested in Europe?  We hope this helps with your...

May 25, 2021

Our best friends want to leave their home for one year. What is holding them back? What are their concerns, goals, hopes, and hesitance? Have you ever wanted to do the same thing? 

Oh yes, we were drinking while recording this, so sorry in advance.